About Us

Who we are?

Celio and Avitex for over 40 years leader the business of high quality knitted trimmings.

In 2003 we proudly joined our resources to create the largest and most diverse specialty knit trim facility in the Americas.

Now our company produces specialty fabrics and rib trim items for the apparel and industrial client base, including the finest athletic and activewear manufacturers in the world.


We are a global family, passionate about what we do and dedicated to provide exceptional trims within the apparel and clothing industry.

"Trimmings are not simply decorative, they define the garment"

We are committed to provide excellence within the industry, serving responsibly those we work with, producing in harmony with the environment.

Business Values


We put ourselves in the shoes of our companions.


We search for new solutions and different options for our clients.


We take the control of events, consider different alternatives, to achieve our objectives.


Investing time in ourselves, training in knowledge and in a physical and mental state.


We work as a team, we know how to accept and listen different ideas to get better results.

End in Mind

Start with an end in mind to define the goals in the short medium and long term.

Win Win

We compete without missing our values and celebrate our achievements.